Indonesian brutality in occupied West Papua

Want to see what ‘democracy’ looks like in modern day Indonesia?

Think twice before you book that holiday to Bali. Don’t help fund the ongoing genocide in Indonesian occupied West Papua. Over 500,000 people have already been killed. Help put a stop to it and bring freedom to the people of West Papua.Image


About Sentani

Indonesia is committing crimes against humanity in West Papua. Indonesia is killing, raping, torturing and imprisoning anyone that calls for independence. The people of West Papua want to be free! The struggle for freedom will always continue. Viva la resistance. Freedom and justice will come to West Papua.
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3 Responses to Indonesian brutality in occupied West Papua

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    referendum for papua

  2. James says:

    Hi, I’m really supportive of your campaign but do you have a source for the figure of 500,000? it would be really useful for an article i’m writing!

    • Sentani says:

      Hi James, thanks for your support. Yale University in the US did a study a few years ago into the ongoing genocide that gave a figure of 400,000.

      Our own research has uncovered further mass killings which were not accounted for.

      It is also worth noting that many academics believe the number killed exceeds 1 million – in 1969 West Papua and PNG both had the same population. Now PNG has a population of over 7 million, whilst West Papua’s has remained the same. This raises some serious questions. Why the massive population difference? Some would say it indicates a state genocide on a huge proportion.

      Please also note that many Papuans state that there are other forms of state killing at play too, including forced sterilisation of women, the use of out of date drugs on the sick, and the deliberate spread of HIV.

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