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Indonesian impunity in West Papua. How the killers of a 12 year old girl are treated like heroes by the state.

Arlince’s story  It’s the 1st of July, 2013 Arlince Tabuni, a 12 year old Melanesian West Papuan girl, daughter of a pastor is enjoying life in her village highlands village of Popume. Suddenly, at 17:30, four fully armed Indonesian soldiers drive into … Continue reading

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Indonesian brutality in occupied West Papua

Want to see what ‘democracy’ looks like in modern day Indonesia? Think twice before you book that holiday to Bali. Don’t help fund the ongoing genocide in Indonesian occupied West Papua. Over 500,000 people have already been killed. Help put … Continue reading

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Boycott surfing in Indonesia

To surfers Indonesia is a paradise – however, how many realise where their money is going when traveling to Indonesia in search of the perfect wave? A new campaign ‘Don’t Go To Indo’ was started by surfers – a sign … Continue reading

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Young people for a Free West Papua

Please watch and share this video, showing inspirational 16 year old British student activist Harry Jenkinson discussing why he supports the movement for a Free West Papua. The youth represent the future, and we are very happy that more and … Continue reading

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West Papua – Indonesia’s Secret Colony

Please take the time to watch Benny Wenda’s inspiring speech at the Oslo Freedom Forum, where he told delegates about the struggle for freedom being fought by his people against Indonesian colonial rule. Over 500,000 innocent civilians have been slaughtered … Continue reading

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Villages of West Papuan refugees burnt on PNG border – humanitarian crisis developing

This footage was taken on February 16th, 2011 in the jungle near Vanimo, Sandaun Province, Papua New Guinea, less than 50km from the West Papua border. It shows West Papuan refugees returning to their village for the first time since … Continue reading

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Indonesia’s genocide in West Papua continues

This report from Channel 4 News in the UK shows the degrading level of brutality that the Papuan people are exposed to on a daily basis under Indonesian colonial rule. Foreign journalists are banned from West Papua – the Indonesian … Continue reading

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West Papua benefit event in Newcastle, UK

Our warm thanks to the people of Newcastle, UK for organising this benefit event for West Papua, to help raise awareness of Indonesia’s ongoing genocide. Exiled West Papua independence leader Benny Wenda will be joined by musicians including the Lani … Continue reading

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The Betrayal of West Papua and the Ongoing Cultural Genocide

The following dissertation was written by Sussex University student Ben King, as part of his Cultural and Intellectual History degree. It is based upon over 400 declassified documents as well as the limited historiography surrounding the subject. nb. The link … Continue reading

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Why the Indonesian occupation of West Papua constitutes genocide

(Image: Indonesian Soldiers hold up the body of the local OPM leader they just killed) Papuans have endured horrific violence since Indonesia first invaded in 1963, and West Papua continues to be a modern example of genocide. Amnesty International and … Continue reading

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