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Urgent appeal to United Nations on deteriorating situation in West Papua

Following recent representations made by Human Rights Watch regarding the widespread practises of torture and abuse at Abepura Prison, the following is an appeal to the United Nations to undertake an urgent and far-reaching investigation into the activities of the … Continue reading

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Indonesian Government refuse to investigate claims of prisoner abuse

In a sign of their total disregard for human rights, the Indonesian Government have brushed off calls to investigate widespread prisoner abuse in West Papua. It is surely now time for the United Nations to intervene and urgently send independent … Continue reading

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Benny Wenda – a man on a mission

As a young child in the 1970s, Benny Wenda’s world was his village in the remote highlands of West Papua. Life consisted of tending gardens with his mother among the Lani people who, he says, ‘lived at peace with nature … Continue reading

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Human Rights Watch launches urgent appeal over prisoner abuse in West Papua

The Indonesian government should investigate and hold accountable abusive guards and officials at the Abepura prison in Papua, Human Rights Watch said today. Various sources report that torture, beatings, and mistreatment by guards are rampant. Abepura holds approximately 230 prisoners, of whom more than a dozen are imprisoned for peaceful political acts.

“How can the government turn a blind eye to beatings and torture in one of its prisons?” said Brad Adams, Asia director at Human Rights Watch. “Jakarta needs to put an end to this disgraceful behavior, punish those responsible, and start keeping a close eye on what is happening there.” Continue reading

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