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Why the Indonesian occupation of West Papua constitutes genocide

(Image: Indonesian Soldiers hold up the body of the local OPM leader they just killed) Papuans have endured horrific violence since Indonesia first invaded in 1963, and West Papua continues to be a modern example of genocide. Amnesty International and … Continue reading

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US Government secretly blames Jakarta for stoking unrest in West Papua

The Javanese empire is slowing being exposed as the corrupt and genocidal regime that it really is. Cables from Wikileaks revealing not only that the Indonesian Government forced the US into renewing military ties for Kopassus (or risk damage to … Continue reading

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Benny Wenda – West Papua independence leader

A short film on West Papua independence leader Benny Wenda, filmed around the 1st December anniversary 2010. Benny Wenda was granted political asylum and protection by the British Government in 2003. For more information visit Benny Wenda’s official websites at: … Continue reading

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Profile of Benny Wenda, West Papua independence leader

‘While my people continue to suffer and continue to die, nothing will stop my campaign’ Benny Wenda is a West Papuan independence leader and an international lobbyist for the independence of West Papua from Indonesia. He lives in exile in … Continue reading

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West Papua Fist of Freedom

Our struggle against Indonesian colonial rule will never stop. We are Papuan, not Indonesian. Our blood is Papuan, not Indonesian. One culture is Papuan, not Indonesian. West Papua. One People. One Soul

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Human rights lawyers pressing for West Papua self determination

From the Guyana Chronicle INTERNATIONAL Lawyers for West Papua (ILWP), a global network of legal practitioners dedicated to promoting respect for the rule of law in that country, brought the campaign to Guyana last week. Speaking, last Friday at Cara … Continue reading

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