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How Indonesia and the United Nations stole West Papua from its people and made it a modern day colony

An interview with an Australian correspondent for the Reuters news network who was an eyewitness at the ‘Act of Free Choice’ vote in which West Papuans were forced to vote in favour of integration with Indonesia. Thousands of Papuan have … Continue reading

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Help us be free from the genocide that Indonesia is committing in our sacred land of Papua

What have we Papuans done to deserve this suffering? All we ask is that Indonesia leave our land, stop raping our sisters and mothers, stop killing and torturing our brothers sons and fathers. Stop destroying our land and stealing our … Continue reading

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Benny Wenda – a man on a mission

As a young child in the 1970s, Benny Wenda’s world was his village in the remote highlands of West Papua. Life consisted of tending gardens with his mother among the Lani people who, he says, ‘lived at peace with nature … Continue reading

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