Indonesia Government in the dock after Interpol remove red notice against Benny Wenda

ImageThe Indonesian Government has been found guilty of abusing the Interpol system for political purposes, following an landmark case. Interpol have now removed a red notice issued against West Papua independence leader, Benny Wenda.

Interpol’s investigation found that the allegations made by the Indonesian Government against Mr Wenda were without foundation or evidence, and were simply an abuse of the system to silence a peaceful political activist.

Mr Wenda is now free to travel internationally again, spreading the word to people all over the world about the genocide that Indonesia is committing in West Papua. Now the focus can shift to the criminal actions of the Indonesian Government which has left over 500,000 innocent people dead in West Papua.

An interpol arrest warrant for the Indonesian President may be just around the corner.

Read the full story on the BBC News website here


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18 year old Papuan student gang raped and then murdered by Indonesian military

This photo shows Miss Jeny Badi, only 18 years old. She was gang raped by the Indonesian Military and then shot dead by them on 5th July in Nabire – West Papua.
We understand that this is a very distressing image, but we ask everyone to understand the necessity of posting it. The Indonesian police/government/military, do not want you to see this.


Over 500,000 innocent people have been killed by the Indonesian military in West Papua. Please help them be FREE. That is all they wish. Freedom to think. Freedom to move. Freedom to live. Freedom to decide their own future. FREEDOM FROM INDONESIA

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West Papua – Indonesia’s Secret Colony

Please take the time to watch Benny Wenda’s inspiring speech at the Oslo Freedom Forum, where he told delegates about the struggle for freedom being fought by his people against Indonesian colonial rule.

Over 500,000 innocent civilians have been slaughtered by the Indonesian military in West Papua. How many more people must die before the world acts?

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Wanted!!! For crimes against humanity & genocide in West Papua

A dangerous individual who is presiding over the ongoing genocide in West Papua. Over 400,000 innocent civilians have lost their lives as a result of Indonesian military operations in West Papua.
President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono will eventually face justice.

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brutal Indonesian military crackdown leaves 7 West Papuans dead

Indonesia’s brutal military launched a crackdown last week at the Papuan Peoples Congress, leaving 7 people dead and hundreds more seriously injured. Many more are feared dead.
Indonesia’s actions are a signal to the outside world that they will never obey international standards on human rights. Over 400,000 people have been killed so far.
Report by Al Jazeera

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Villages of West Papuan refugees burnt on PNG border – humanitarian crisis developing

This footage was taken on February 16th, 2011 in the jungle near Vanimo, Sandaun Province, Papua New Guinea, less than 50km from the West Papua border.

It shows West Papuan refugees returning to their village for the first time since it was burnt 3 weeks earlier by special operation “Sunset Merona” led by Papua New Guinea Police and Defence Force.

Now 6 months later, these refugees are still unable to return to their village and remain hiding in the jungle, on the run from special operation Sunset Merona.

This footage is clear evidence of a breach of the UN Charter for Refugees by Papua New Guinea, and also raises major questions about the legality of special operation Sunset Merona and the alleged involvement of the Indonesian Government in pressuring the Papua New Guinea authorities to undertake these raids.

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Indonesia’s genocide in West Papua continues

This report from Channel 4 News in the UK shows the degrading level of brutality that the Papuan people are exposed to on a daily basis under Indonesian colonial rule.
Foreign journalists are banned from West Papua – the Indonesian Government are desperate to hide the genocide from the outside world. Even NGO groups like Red Cross and Peace Brigades have been expelled in recent times. This disturbing footage was shot on mobile phones by Indonesian soldiers as ‘trophy footage’ for them to show their families.
In West Papua there is no peace, no justice. There is only killing, rape, torture, intimidation, bloodshed, oppression, village burnings, racism and eternal suffering for those living under Indonesia’s colonial occupation.

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