West Papua – the secret war in Asia

This is a film that the Indonesian Government are desperate that you do not watch. See the tears of suffering shed by West Papua people who have suffered from 47 years of Indonesian colonialim. 47 years of rape, torture, intimidation, imprisonment, harassment, killings, village burnings, racism, oppression.
Indonesia has only brought eternal suffering to the Papuan people.


About Sentani

Indonesia is committing crimes against humanity in West Papua. Indonesia is killing, raping, torturing and imprisoning anyone that calls for independence. The people of West Papua want to be free! The struggle for freedom will always continue. Viva la resistance. Freedom and justice will come to West Papua.
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4 Responses to West Papua – the secret war in Asia

  1. sarah says:


    • Gerard says:

      Many Australians support Papua Merdeka and are angry and frustrated that the Australian government has trained the Indonesian military, making them more efficient to carry out genocide in West Papua. The Indonesian president like most Indonesian talk a lot about human rights and corruption, but nothing is really done about it over the past 15 years or more. We should all write to the Indonesian president, the newspapers in Jakarta and the United Nations to keep up the pressure and awareness of the torture, rape, genocide and destruction of the natural environment in West Papua.

  2. Owen G Bale says:

    Essential Reading for every Fair Dinkum Australian.

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    referendum for papua

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