video shows Indonesian military torture and then murder innocent West Papuan priest

Highly disturbing footage has emerged showing a group of Indonesian troops torturing a Papuan priest who they had stopped in the West Papua highlands.

Please be warned this footage is highly graphic. Both men in this video were church workers. This is further evidence of the ongoing genocide being committed in West Papua and reinforces the urgent need for a United Nations peacekeeping force and human rights groups to be allowed access to the region immediately.


About Sentani

Indonesia is committing crimes against humanity in West Papua. Indonesia is killing, raping, torturing and imprisoning anyone that calls for independence. The people of West Papua want to be free! The struggle for freedom will always continue. Viva la resistance. Freedom and justice will come to West Papua.
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10 Responses to video shows Indonesian military torture and then murder innocent West Papuan priest

  1. Free! Supporters! says:

    Want to know the truth.

    However, the video can not be displayed …



    • Tony Wright says:

      after I saw the video of the torturing of people of West Papua by the Indonesia military, I felt sorrow for ur people and I will support your struggle for freedom free West Papua.

      FREE WEST PAPUA!!!!!!!!

  2. Guran Walker says:

    It was never appropriate for Indonesia to take possession of Papua-any part of Papua. We knew decades ago that this situation would come to pass. Australia sat on the sidelines while all that Indonesian Sovereignty rubbish was touted. Indonesia frightened Australia into submission at a time when Vietnam was fresh in people’s minds. Now the turkey has come home to roost. New Guinea-Papua remains one of the most ancient cultures on the planet and thus, least able to defend itself. Indonesia remains one of the least moral cultures on Earth, thus most likely to exploit any victim that comes to hand. The Free World will pay with much blood when all these debts exact themselves at our expense. The many ‘convenient lies’ of politics are not forgotten, nor washed away with time. The time will come when every debt must be paid and people living now, in the West, will be among those who must pay. These crimes against humanity are not simply an Eastern or Asian thing. Moral corruption is endemic in the World.
    Thank you for airing this evidence of the disgusting behaviour of People who speak on Human Rights in the UN. The UN in fact should be shut down. For all the fact that the UN cannot prevent itself from doing SOME good, it creates more harm and fosters more animosity and malice in the world than any single nation.

  3. Royal Tube says:

    Thank you for you share this information I was looking for.

  4. baruka says:

    Free West Papua ! We will overcome

  5. Andrew Arthur says:

    This is outrageous… Indonesia rules all its provences with an iron fist, killing civillians….. They were caught out in East Timor, and now the same thing is West Papua. Give West Papua independance NOW

  6. Tsadik says:

    Hi Benny, altough Iam not Papuan (Iam an ambonese) yet my hearth is with all of you there in Papua, a blessed nation Papua is just like garden of Eden blessed with her natural wealth, bu look at that satan come and pressed the papuan intimidate them they even encourage some of Papuan who now seat at the government position and those who claim to be the wakil rakyat of Papua to follow the corruption mentality of this satan. Its time to take your land back brother. Freedom for Papua.God bless all of you there

  7. esa66 says:

    Freedom For Papua

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  9. jena ndrepolou says:

    we westpapua much independent now 2012 we want christen country not muslem country westpapua are hulf of papua new guinea its hulf of LNG so ,world we want independent now we need school, work and ruled the country by westpapua people not muslem country INDONESIA .

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