Indonesian dentists torture then kill innocent Papuan man

Two Indonesian dentists have killed a Papuan patient called Evson Wesareak, a student from the highlands.

The two dentists tried to forcibly pull Evson’s teeth from his mouth in a random and senseless attack during a routine check-up. He died one hour later.
After his death, Evson’s family came to the hospital asking the Indonesian dentists what had happened. The dentists responded to Evson’s family that he just died.

The relatives were left shocked. A short time later police came to the hospital to take the two dentists to the Police Station to question, but they were released without charge hours later.

Until today Evson family still have not heard a plausible explanation about the circumstances of their sons death.
This is another episode of the genocide committed by Indonesia government and military against the indigenous population in West Papua


About Sentani

Indonesia is committing crimes against humanity in West Papua. Indonesia is killing, raping, torturing and imprisoning anyone that calls for independence. The people of West Papua want to be free! The struggle for freedom will always continue. Viva la resistance. Freedom and justice will come to West Papua.
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