Papuan tribal leader murdered whilst his wife is raped by Indonesian military, and their house burnt

Shocking images have emerged of the cold blooded assassination of West Papuan tribal leader YAWAN WAYENI on Monday 3 August 2009

BAGUS EKUDANTO, Commander of Police in Papua Province ordered AKBP IMAN SETYAWAN (S.Ik) Head of Police of Yapen Regency to ‘clean’ the West Papuan political movement in Yapen, including the old village of Mantembu in the valley of Mt Wayoi.
On Sunday 2 August seven people from Mantembu were kidnapped and taken to Jayapura where they were incarcerated without charge.
On Monday 3 August at 6am, Police 1 SSK (a company of indeterminate number but up to 150 personnel) barged into Mr Wayeni’s house and raped his wife in front of their second child who was sick. Mr Wayeni tried to intervene and was shot with three rounds of ammunition from a SS1 automatic gun and then bayoneted. He ran out of the house and died in the garden. The police threw his body in their car, like a dead animal, the people of the village forced to watch, and then took him to the hospital to sew up his stomach.
Yawan Wayeni was forty years old. He was a political prisoner in Yapen for nine years during the Suharto administration. He leaves a wife and three children.


About Sentani

Indonesia is committing crimes against humanity in West Papua. Indonesia is killing, raping, torturing and imprisoning anyone that calls for independence. The people of West Papua want to be free! The struggle for freedom will always continue. Viva la resistance. Freedom and justice will come to West Papua.
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2 Responses to Papuan tribal leader murdered whilst his wife is raped by Indonesian military, and their house burnt

  1. At Ipenburg says:

    I found on the Internet the following information on the killing of Yawan Maweni. It is striking that most of the information about the murder originates from the police!

    Ikatan Sakura Indonesia
    The police version is to be found on the goodworking web site of Ikatan Sakura Indonesia:

    Komisi Kepolisian Indonesia (claims to be independent, but it seems not to be the case)

    ” Pada saat itu, Yawan Wayeni terlihat hendak melakukan penembakan terhadap anggota yang melakukan penggerebekan tersebut, namun dengan cepat lansung dilumpuhkan oleh polisi. “Kita terpaksa menembak duluan. Setelah itu, kami evakuasi untuk dibawa
    ke rumah sakit, namun meninggal dalam perjalanan. Ia luka tembak di
    paha dan perut,” ungkap Kapolres Imam Setiawan. Dari tangan Yawan Wayeni, aparat kepolisian Kepulauan Yapen berhasil mengamankan 1 pucuk pistol rakitan. ”

    In view of the serious and fatal wounds shown on the pictures of the victim shown on Papua Time it is clear that the information is onesided and incomplete..

    Papua Time 5 August 2009:


    ” “Kemarin dia ditembak oleh Brimob, ketika dia (Yawan Wayeni, 39 tahun) sedang kerja di kebun miliknya di kampung Mantembu,” ungkap salah satu warga Mantembu (Serui). Kekecewaan datang juga dari Steve Waramori,SH, salah satu advokat yang kini sedang mendampingi proses hukum bagi korban warga sipil pasca insiden penembakan warga sipil di kampung Mantembu, Serui, 1 Juli lalu. “Saya nyatakan penyesalan atas penembakan terhadap Yawan Wayeni (39) di lokasi kebun milik warga pinggiran hutan Mantembu,” ungkapnya. Wilson Uruwaya, salah satu tokoh pemuda adat di Serui mengatakan, sebenarnya di Serui tidak ada pertentangan dan permasalahan yang berbelit-belit. Sehingga kata Wilson, aksi pembantaian yang dilakukan aparat kepolisian sangat tidak manusiawi dan tidak beralasan. “Rakyat tidak bersalah tapi sejak 1 Juli kemarin polisi terror warga, intimidasi tua-tua adat hingga membunuh warga sipil tanpa alasan dan bukti yang tidak jelas,” ungkapnya.”
    So Yawan is not the only victim. Some time before somebody else was also shot on Yapen. .

    This information is now also on Scoop Independent News:, including the pictures of the dying Yawan.

    Regrettably, the website cannot be accessed. Also: is inaccessible, just like the Papua Press Agency at: Kabar Irian can also not be accessed on Even the Yahoo Group of Elsham Papua does not function anymore: Is all this just coincidence?

    There is a clear need for an objective and independent website giving reliable information about the serious human rights violations that are still taking place in West Papua.

    I myself started already with :

  2. Please give permission to put this report on my website under rubriek: genocide
    The world must be awaked!!
    with best regards

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