West Papua activist kit

With this being such a crucial year for West Papua, we have put together a West Papua activist kit that people around the world can download from their computers and take action to spread awareness about the ongoing atrocities an crimes against humanity being committed by the Indonesian authorities in West Papua, as well as
developing support for the Papuans right to self-determination.

The kit includes print ready posters and flyers. We are asking you to print off copies and circulate these as far and wide as possible (schools, workplaces, universities, cafes, community centres etc).
Included in this download file are:

– A sign up letter including background information about IPWP for you to pass onto your local member of parliament asking them to join IPWP
– Three different A3 size posters calling for the release of Papuan political prisoners, a re-run of the Act of Free Choice, and information on the human rights violations that have been committed against Papuans over the years by Indonesian authorities.
– Three different A6 postcard size flyers including ones that you can send to the Indonesian Ambassador in your country.

If you wish to print these in bulk at a professional printers, all the files are print ready.

For those based in the UK we are able to do print runs for free (courtesy of a print works who are supporters of the Free West Papua Campaign), so if anyone needs copies made in the UK please get back in touch.
If anyone needs any other posters or postcards designed, please get back in touch and we will arrange.

You can download the ‘Activist kit’ at this link:

You will need Rar software installed on your computer (similar to zip file extraction capability). If you haven’t already got Rar software on your computer, you can download a free program here

As well an old favourite, a complete set of A4 display text & 10 graphics. Everything anyone would need to present a talk about West Papua.
Download a zipped up copy of all files here:

Papua Merdeka


About Sentani

Indonesia is committing crimes against humanity in West Papua. Indonesia is killing, raping, torturing and imprisoning anyone that calls for independence. The people of West Papua want to be free! The struggle for freedom will always continue. Viva la resistance. Freedom and justice will come to West Papua.
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